• The facilities the students will only enter; no longer one will allow the access to parents or companions, safe for information, cases of necessity or under request of some professor. Nobody could be hoping in common zones.
  • There is a control post at the entrance to take temperature from all the students, disinfection of hands and to provide with mask those students who do not have her.
  • Our ratio in the Collective Classes, Musical Garden, Music and Movement, Musical Spelling and Solf¨ge already was low and now it will be it more still. In these subjects the maximum of students by classroom will be of five and they will be distributed in the greatest rooms of the school.
  • In average afternoon an extra cleaning of toilets, pomos is realised, etc.
  • The keyboards of the pianos will become disinfected in each change of student.
  • The classrooms have forced ventilation.
  • We have staggered hour so that there is the mini number of simultaneous changes of class.
  • There is a possibility of no loan of scores and the small students no longer have access to books of the waiting room.
  • From the one of June the cleaners disinfect the school scrupulously daily paying special attention to the common zones.

With illusion I mainly present an ambitious plan of thought musical formation for children, children and adolescents of two to eighteen years and that I have been developing from the date of creation of the School, in the spring of 2003.  


I have chosen a valuable equipment of professors, all of them recognized educators, possessors of an excellent formation, with great experience and enthusiastic, as, by education.


Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann wrote: €œMusic begins where the language finishes€. It seems complex and ambiguous, but the musical practice in early ages will be always one of the majors satisfactions that you will be able to give to your children and their surroundings.


To see our happy students after a class or of hearing is our greater joy. We train people able to be touched and to move. 


Glafira Prolat Guriezkaia



 Home of course 2020/2021: Tuesday 1 of September

what tell us?

Ada must to this school its love to music and its way to touch, today appreciated in Milan where it follows its race. It is truth that also is a talent question, but the talent, without professors which they know to see it, to educate it and to guide it, does not serve. 

Ada has received a precious gift, the Music here, that will always follow it, makes of her its profession or a refuge to love the beauty. Thanks.

Silvia Meucci, mother of Ada Su¡rez

new projects

  • It grants a schellorship Prolat de Viol­n. Creation of an annual schellorship for alumno/of a violin of great talent whose family can demonstrate not to have the sufficient resources to confront a musical formation of high quality in agreement with the aptitudes of ni±o/a.
  • From course 2020-21 we will begin with a new project: classes of baroque violin and baroque cello in charge of professors Adri¡n Pineda and Marco Pannaria
  • T'ecnica Alexander.


special program of VIOLIN with professor FARID FASLA

Professor Farid Fasla Fern¡ndez directs in our center three different programs:

  • Students especially equipped, with ages between the six and eleven years of age. Places very limited.
  • Students of professional level and superior: Integral preparation of entrance examinations of violin (Bachelor and Master) for European centers superiors. 
  • Sessions of coaching online.

special program of song with Prof. SHALVA MUKERIA


The School of Prolat Music offers this course of song in charge of the famous tenor Shalva Mukeria, directed to professional singers and students of last courses of Professional Lessons and Superior.