Our school

In the School of Prolat Music, located between the Districts of Salamanca and Retiro of Madrid, we have created a model in which they are combined imagination, original pedagogical proposals and modernity in our idea of musical education. 


We wished to create a project as this one, but always with a condition: that we could know detailed way the trajectory of each boy. We have been interested from always in the motivations that have taken each or to their surroundings to the musical initiation and have interchanged multitude of ideas and opinions with the parents and between we ourself on the evolution of each of our small ones. We can affirm that there are not two equal routes in the musical formation of a boy. And this causes that the objectives for every day are new and different.


The flexibility of our program allows to adapt us to the aptitudes and needs of each student, always with a rigorous pursuit on the part of the pedagogical commission that carries out two evaluations to the year.

We realise more than thirty hearing of annual students, participating in addition in important cultural events as D­a Internacional to Music in the Circle of Beautiful Arts, commemorative concerts of the Festival of Santa Cecilia in center Cultural Source of the Watercress, book presentation in the Eugenio Tr­as Library, inauguration of spaces at home Decor, etc€¦


The totality of students who we have proposed has passed throughout these years the tests of admission to different conservatories professional public and superiors.


We have a bottom of instruments of high quality (violins, cellos and traveseras flutes) to render during the initiation. The piano classes are distributed in vertical instruments and of Kawai tail.

The course begins every year the 1 of September and finalizes the 30 of June. In Musical Garden, instrumental Music and Movement and specialties the incorporation at any time of the year is possible. During the first fortnight of July we organized a series of instrumental factories that they are possible to be consulted here: Factories of Summer.


Reduced rates of inscription for the familiar unit as of the second year. Discount as of the brother second.


Our objective will be always to sensitize to your children in harmonious surroundings, where the dynamic and musical expression is formation vehicle. You leave we surprise the talent yet to you that there is in your children€¦