Ludmila Volguina

Ludmila Volguina was born in Russia, where Superior of Music of Novosibirsk next formed as pianist in the Conservatory, happening to comprise of the educational body, at the outset in the School Superior of Music of Cheliabinsk and later in the School of attached Music to the Conservatory Mikhail Glinka de Novosibirsk, also working as professor of the chair of piano of the Institute Superior of Arts and Culture of this same city.

While continuous with his pedagogical work it also realises intense activities as soloist and repertorista pianist in the chairs of song, violin and orchestral direction.     

It has participated, as accompanying pianist, in several national and international contests of violin in which its work highly was valued, being graduate in many of them.  

Several of their students have been awarded in regional, national and international Contests of piano.          

In 1996 it establishes his residence in Madrid, where it carries out an important educational work as and accompanying pianist, acting in the main rooms of Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Ponferrada and other cities in Spain, Poland, France, Germany and Russia.