Ant³n Yuzhanin

Anton Yuzhanin was born in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in 1985. He studied classic guitar in the Academy of Gnessin Music of Moscow, obtaining in the 2010 Diploma superiors with the qualifications Professor of Interpretation (specialty: Guitar), Soloist and Music of Camera. 

In 2015 it obtained the Title Superior of Music, interpretation profile (specialty: Guitar) in Real Conservatorio Superior de Mºsica of Madrid under the direction of professor D. Javier Somoza. In 2015-2018 it realised the studies in the specialty of musical pedagogy in the same conservatory. 

It has participated in skillful classes of Stepan Rak, Zoran Dukic, Alex Garrobe, Jose Maria Gallardo of the King, Jeffrey Mcfadden, Marco Tamayo, Pablo Sainz Villegas, Mauricio D­az Alvarez, Mar­a Esther Guzm¡n, Javier Somoza, Daekun Jang and Eduardo Fernandez. 

Music in Compostela€, (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) in 2006 participated in international courses €œ, 2007 and 2009 receiving classes of guitar of the University professor of RCSMM D. Jose Luis Rodrigo. In 2015 international courses of music €œAcad©mie DES Arcs€ (Bourg-Saint- Maurice/Savoie, France) Receiving classes of guitar of professor D. Pablo M¡rquez (Musikhochschule of Basel-Switzerland).

It has offered recites to them in the House of the Canary Islands and Casa de Asturias (Madrid), Residence of Students of Madrid, Museum of the city (M³stoles), Museum of the Glass Art (Alcorc³n), Cycle of concerts of the space €œGuitars of Luthier€ (Madrid), Church of San Miguel Arc¡ngel de Fuencarral (Madrid), etc. 

It has recorded for Classic Radio RNE, in the program €œYoung Music€.