Patricia Villar V¡zquez

He is born in Madrid. He begins his musical studies in Toledo, next to Banda de Mºsica Santa Cecilia de Escalona of the Alberche, continues later in the School of Music of Talavera de la Reina with Beatriz Guti©rrez of professor and with Salvador Requena in the Adolfo Salazar Conservatory of Madrid.

In 2007 he is admitted in Real Conservatorio Superior de Mºsica of Madrid, in the class of Vicente Mart­nez and later with Vicente Cintero.

Next Ample its formation in the Academy of Orchestral Studies €œPublic Foundation Baremboim-Shelp Andalusian€ with professor Thomas Beyer, flute soloist of the Staakapelle of Berlin.   

It has received valuable advice and skillful classes the greatest interpreters of the world of the travesera flute, between which it is possible to emphasize Vicens Prats, Antonio Nuez Cebollada, Fernando G³mez Aguado, Miguel ngel Angulo, Salvador Mart­nez, Amparo Trigueros, Juan Carlos Chornet, Claude Lefevre. Soyourg Lee, Emily Beynon and Nicole Esp³sico.

Its restlessness by the symphonic repertoire has taken it to work with directors as Miguel Roa, Miguel Romea, Sergio Alapont, Cristobal Soler, Oliver D­az, Carlos Cuesta, Xabier Puig and at the moment with Javier Corcuera in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Spain and Carlos D­az in the Orchestra City of Getafe.

In addition to flutist, deluded educator and jeopardizes with the work of smallest, has continued extending its formation with courses of conmusica Musical Stimulation for babies and pregnant women for Institute Modern Music Education.

At the moment professor of travesera flute and early musical stimulation in the School of Prolat Music.


Course of travesera Flute distributed by Patricia Villar in Chera
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