Its musical formation with professor Roberto Mendoza to the early age of 4 years began. Once finalized the elementary degree and having entered with note the three conservatories to which one appeared to realise the professional degree, finally it chose to continue his formation in the conservatory of Ferraz at the hands of recognized professor Farid Fasla. After obtaining the extraordinary prize of this center in 2011 and having demonstrated a special artistic sensitivity with respect to historicista music, it decided to embark without intermediate processes in the confused way of old music. Therefore it decided to appear to the tests of admission in the specialty of baroque violin in Real Conservatorio de Mºsica of Madrid where that year by the center was selected for the only supplied place. Once it attended all the degree there superior under the trusteeship of the great teacher Hiro Kurosaki with whom it finalized his formation obtaining high qualifications in all the subjects and reaching the substitute in his final recital of race.

Throughout its formative period attended numerous as much national courses of musical formation as international between which it would be possible to emphasize €œEuropean Union Baroque Orquestra€, €œCourse of old music of Gijon€, €œinternational Course of music of camera of Llanes€, €œCourse of music Levico Terme€, €œInternational to chamber music attends of Starndford€, €œinternational Course of old music of Daroca€, €œCourse of Medieval Music and Renaissance of Morella€, €œThe baroque music academy of Lanvellec€, €œCourse of high specialization of Xativa€, €œUrbino Antica Music€, €œPrivateering I gave Monteumbraro€, €œAlte Musik Sommerakademie Graz 2017€ where he received masterclass of some of the best historicistas violinists at world-wide level as they could be Anton Stek, Fran§ois Fernandez, Mira Glodeanu, Sylvan Farran James, Enrico Gatti, Simon Standage, or Susanne Scholz among others. Between all the landmarks reached in this extracurricular formative period he is possible to emphasize the obtaining of the first prize of the €œContest of music of camera of Llanes€ being interpreted works of Borodin and Shostakovich granted by the prestigious €œQuiroga Quartet€.

Dice its talent, two years before to have finished to the degree superior had the opportunity to begin to collaborate with orchestras specialized in time music with which it continues maintaining one close relation day of today.  Between all of them we can find excellent names in the sector as €œNereydas€, €œIl Banchetto Musicale€, €œIl Iberian Concerto€, €œDelirium Music€, €œthe Spagna€, €œCombinatory Ars€, €œthe Madrilenian€, €œdell'Annunciata L'accademia€, €œHaydn Sinfonietta Wien€, €œConcerto 1700€, €œMusica fictums€, €œthe Real de Madrid Chapel€, €œthe Camerata Antonio Soler€ and €œIlliber Ensemble€.

Not wanting to limit his professional activity and after to have stored in his record more than 5 discs in his incessant activity in the historicista orchestral scope, it decided to arrange all this with education where it has demonstrated a clear vocation to give classes to students of all the levels and schools.

In its impetuous will to try to include an ample perspective than it is music as a whole at the moment also is member of a camer­stico group of the called high level €œContinuum XXI€, pioneering project in all Europe dedicated to the interpretation of baroque and contemporary music, always with historical instruments, in a project of musical innovation. L grouping looks for to show a vision including of the possibilities that we have to our disposition to be musical contemporaries the baggage of history to our favor yet. 



It is born in Madrid. It obtains the Title Superior of Violoncello with the highest qualifications in Real Conservatorio Superior de Mºsica of Madrid under the chair of I. Fanlo. It complements his studies with skillful classes of interpretation, pedagogy and technical improvement with the teachers Llu­s Claret, ngel L. Quintana, David B. Quiggle, S. Popov, D. Balan, P. M¼ller, W. B¶ettcher, R. Neculai, N. S­laghi, Endellion String Quartet and with the Casals Quartet.

He has been collaborating of the National Orchestra of Spain, the Philharmonic one of Toledo, Odissea Orchestra, Orchestra School of the Symphonic one of Madrid, Harmonia Sphaerarum, collaborating professor of the Orchestra of the University Carlos III of Madrid and soloist of the Symphony orchestra of Albacete and the Orchestra 21st century with which it has acted in numerous rooms of Castille-La Mancha and the National Audience of Madrid.

It has been charter member of the quartet of prudent Shade with which it gained the €œNational Contest of Music of Camera of Madrid€, (Madrid, April of 2004) and the Contest the International of Music of Camera €œJosep Mirabent i Magrans€, (Barcelona, 2004 July).

Also has be founding of quartet of cord Langsamer, with that it gained the first prize in the I Askalon Festival of Music of Camera (Toledo, May of 2006) and with that it has acted in important rooms as the Audience of Galicia, the Audience of Tarragona and the museum I ground of Paperer in Barcelona.

At present it records and it composes for the record seal of Radio Spanish Television.

He is member of the Ensemble Praeteritum from 2011.