SPECIAL program of violin

Prof. farid fasla

Professor of violin and head of the department of cord of the Adolfo Salazar Conservatory of Madrid, has formed throughout last the twenty years a Pleiad of students that has continued its studies superiors in the most prestigious European centers.

Most recent they are at the moment in the conservatories of London, Hamburg, Hannover, Freiburg, Basel, Graz, Rotterdam and The Hague, among others.



Professor Farid Fasla directs in our center three different programs:


A. - Students especially equipped, with ages between the six and twelve years of age. Places very limited.

B. - integral Preparation of entrance examinations of violin (Bachelor and Master) for European centers superiors. Design of a specific plan and strategy for each tactical mission and with the precise support of other specialists (repertorista pianist, harmony, complementary piano, coaching in English, German or French, etc€¦).

C. - precise Consultations online (Skype, Zoom lens, Facetime or Duo).




Been born in Cordoba it is, from 1995, professor of violin and head of the department of cord of the Professional Conservatory of Music €œAdolfo Salazar€ of Madrid.


With an incredible passion by education, this eminent educator has formed or to several generations of violinists that develop a race in important national and European orchestras as the National Orchestra of Spain, the symphony orchestras of Hamburg, Bayerische Staatsoper, English National Ballet, London Philarmonic, Symphonic of Barcelona and Nacional of Catalonia, Symphonic of Malaga, in recognized groups of camera as the Quixote String Quartet or professors, in different Spanish state conservatories and educative institutions of Great Britain, the Ukraine, Canada and the United States.


In addition to recite to them in Spain in rooms as the Juan March Foundation, National Audience of Madrid, Audience of Saragossa, etc€¦ has participated in diverse festivals in Algeria, Portugal, Russia, the Ukraine and Yugoslavia, with important work openings of Consuelo D­ez, Patrick Burgan, Marcela Rodr­guez, Sebasti¡n Marin©, Flores Chaviano, Jos© Mar­a Garc­a Laborda and others.


Disciple of Lara Lev in the State Academy of Music of Odessa, deepened in the repertoire of camera with Olga Maslak and Anna May, while he studied direction of orchestra with Vera Bazilevich. Titleholder as Master of Fine Arts and Mag­ster of Arts, has received different prizes and mentions throughout his race. Being still student he was attending professor in the Special School of Music of Odessa.


During his stay in the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow he receives valuable advice of Irina Medvedeva, while he realises advanced officer training courses with Antonio Arias, Lev³n Mamikonian and Wladimir K«hn.


He regularly distributes courses and skillful classes in Segovia, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Grodno, Bail©n, šbeda, P¤iv¶l¤ (Finland) and has been invited professor of the Young Orchestra of the Community of Madrid.


He is artistic director of the festival and course of summer €œMusical Project Villa de Lerma€ and directs a program for children especially equipped in the School with Prolat Music.  


Several of their students have obtained important prizes in national contests of violin and music of camera. The totality of them continues its studies in prestigious centers European superiors. At the moment students his are study of bachelor and master in the Hochschule f¼r Musik Freiburg, Royal College of Music London, Guildhall School of Music London, London Royal Academy, Hochschule f¼r Musik Hannover, Hochschule f¼r Musik Hamburg, Hochshule f¼r Musik D5usseldorf, Hochschule f¼r Musik Leipzig, Codarts Rotterdam, Kunstuniversitat Graz, Royal Conservatory in The Hague, etc€¦



Program A: Monthly instalment 240 Euros

Program B: Monthly instalment 320 Euros 

Program C: Session 60 Euros

  • weekly individual classes
  • quarterly hearing
  • tests with repertorista pianist
  • positions of a guardian and planning
  • languages: Castilian, French, Russian and English.