This factory, that we realised basing us on the methodology Orff and Koday, is suitable for which finishes home with Music and Movement and wishes to follow a little more, for those than they have still not chosen its instrument, as well as for which they come for the first time to Music.

It is here where we can give vent our imagination since every day the school becomes a different world: a circus, a farm, a dance hall, the court of a king surrounded by poetic or an enchanted forest.

Also it is here where we can write the text, compose music, interpret and record a song.

Every year we have surprised our small ones constructing to new instruments, musicalizando gui±ol or disassembling a cello€¦ but one of our favourite moments it is the afternoon snack, the hour to make friendly And everything finishes being fascinating!




3 - 5 years


From the 1 to the 12 of July, Monday through Friday


This urban camping is celebrated annually in the headquarters of the School of Prolat Music in Madrid, Street © 2020 NetNewMusic - Sitemap.


Of Monday through Friday, 10:00 to 14:00

It is possible to leave to the children the 9:00 and to gather them until the 14:30


265 Euros (material pedagogical and it has tea to mid-morning including)

  • methodology Orff and Koday
  • corporal percussion
  • songs
  • musicalizados stories
  • choir
  • musical theater
  • mime 
  • construction of instruments
  • graphical representations
  • auditory recognition
  • dances
  • afternoon snack with friends
  • metal³fonos
  • poetry
  • we compose our song
  • water wood
  • friendship
  • xylophones
  • games to learn