Mar­a Rospigliosi Doral

He is born in Madrid, where he begins elementary studies of violin in the Professional Conservatory of Victoria Music from Los Angeles to the seven years. Later, he is admitted in the Professional Conservatory of Adolfo Salazar Music.

In 2012 the university Degree of Teaching of Primary Education in the Independent University of Madrid begins, where it is able to unite his two passions: the children and music.

In addition, bound to his formation of education, he owns diverse courses as Emotional Intelligence, Handling of bullying in the educative scope and Technical to motivate the learning in the classroom.

He has worked during several years as professor of violin of children of three to six years as well as professor of music and movement and teacher of music in Primary in a school of

regulated education.

At the moment it extends his pedagogical formation attending an educative masters in the Nebrija University.

It distributes in the school Musical Garden, all the levels of Music and Movement and Musical Spelling.



Music and Movement: the home of a fascinating way