Katalin Karacsony

He has studied in the Elementary School of Music and Choir of Pecs (Hungary), in the School of Art of this same city, in the Gimnazium B©la Bartok with professor Erika Petofi and finally, the degree superior in the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Budapest with the teacher Kinga G³zon, and where he study of violin, solf¨ge, harmony, orchestra, piano, music of camera, methodology and Didactics of the violin, Hungarian, acoustic folkloric music, philosophy, pedagogy, history of the art, sweet flute, etc.

He has received lessons Ildik³ Moog-B¡n, Professor of the Musikhochschule Freiburg and concertina of the Symphony orchestra of the SWR of Freiburg.

In addition he has attended the courses of pedagogy of the violin distributed by Farid Fasla Fernandez.

He has worked as professor in Hungary in several Schools of Music and Arte, participating in seminaries, courses and international festivals of classic music and folklore, music and old dance, musical therapy, choral song and corporal education for musicians.

Also, he has been member of the Symphony orchestra of Budapest and Symphony orchestra VM Dune, having worked under directors of the size of G¡bor Hollerung, Zolt¡n Kocsis, Tam¡s V¡s¡ry, L¡szlo Kov¡cs, Hamar Zsolt, H©jja Domonkos and Vajda Gergely.

In addition he has participated in formation of Klezmer music.


€œIn Hungary he is not nothing exceptional that somebody studies music. My senior instructor, Erzs©bet Kovacs, convinced mother, persecuting it by the market, of which I had to study violin (my mother, at that time, had predicted that I studied travesera flute). This professor was young, finished finalizing her studies and I was his first talented student. Today we are great friendly.

I was all along in the music school: he received two weekly classes of violin and two of musical language, orchestra, tests with piano, I had left in addition to listen to classes of my friendly and companions, I gained different prizes in the regional contests from song, solf¨ge and violin€¦ and another one of mathematics!  Sweet memories.

My following step was in the city of Pecs, where I finished the elementary degree with magnificent professor Marta Jerabek to whom I consider my second mother and who has passed away recently. As still she were very small had to give a special authorization me to attend the average degree, with professor Gyorgy Papp.

In Budapest I already attended my studies in the Bartok Bela Zenemuveszeti Szakkozepiskola is Gimnazium with Istvan Bodony, Vera Czettner, Erika Petofi and Kinga Gozon. After obtaining my title superior it continues my studies of perfecionamiento with a great educator, Erzs©bet Skultety: Tapeworm ninety years when it gave class me!

I feel forced to transmit what my professors taught to me €“ some no longer live that as much they have inspired to me, to maintain the tradition, and to contribute to that their knowledge are not lost. Attempt to instill to my students who music must of being an endless source of continuous benefit, that has it present at all moment, even at the difficult moments.

I am flexible, since our school does not work with you rule rigid, everything is designed for all.

It turns out to me exciting to work with children, to attend his evolution, to help them so that they can accede to the wonderful world of Music.€